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Now this is one alien looking trilobite, it's almost hard to imagine that it was once alive inhabiting our oceans. It's a Ceratarges Ziregensis from the Middle Devonian limestone of Morocco. One can imagine that the large spines may have served as defensive protection against fish that had just begun to develop hardened jaws and likely had trilobites on the dinner menu.


At 1.77” long this specimen is well prepared with free-standing spines. There is less than 1% shell restoration on this specimen.There are currently about 5 different species of Certarges described from Morocco each a slight variation on the others. A paper describing some of these species can be found in the southeast of Morocco.

Ceratarges Ziregensis | Zireg Morocco

SKU: TR0022
    • Species: Ceratarges Ziregensis
    • Age: Middle Devonian Eifelian 397 Million Years Old
    • Location: Zireg, Morocco 
    • Formation: El Otfal Formation
    • Size: 1.77”
    • Weight: 426g
    • Category: Trilobite Fossils
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