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My name is Zaid

I was born in Tinghir in central Morocco. Since I opened my eyes I found my father working and striving in the field of excavations for fossils. He has a very long experience and knows the places where we can find the best fossils. He also has experience in extracting fossils from the middle of the stone.

He also told me that my grandfather had the same job. I did not meet him before I was born.  I learned from his experience for more than 20 years and now I want to share with you my experience, develop it and sell it all over the world.


How is our excavation process?

The highly detailed Scyphocrinite crinoids are Upper Silurian (420 million years old) and mined near Boutschrafin. Erfoud, Morocco. To reach the crinoid layer the workers must dig deep vertical shafts, sometimes 30 feet deep.


They then. tunnel horizontally along this layer to extract plates of crinoids. These plates must then be brought up to the surface in small amounts. pieces using a bucket where they were prepared.


One can only imagine that is back-breaking, hot, and dangerous work.

excavacion fosiles 8.jpg
excavacion fosiles 4.jpg

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